Join us as we venture into a new dimension in celebration of Vivid Sydney 2023. Masterfully created by Miroma Project Factory, InterContinental Sydney’s digital augmented reality partner, this experience has been designed to immerse you into the night skies above from the comfort of your seat.


Course One Experience

The Cosmic Journey

See the world through galaxy coloured glasses.
Interact with the planets that appear.
Tap them once for more effects and again to revert back to the original experience.


Course Two Experience

The Cosmic Halo

Snap a selfie amongst the planets.
Make sure your phone is in selfie mode.
Tap the planets for a perspective change.


Course Three Experience

The Cosmic Touch

Hold the planets in your hands.
sure your camera is in selfie mode.
Wave your hand and smile to activate the experience.



You can capture or record your AR experience within the Instagram app. Post to your stories or feed, share with your friends and be sure to use the hashtag #AsterVivid and tag the venue @astersydney


Device Compatibility: The device being used to access Instagram or Facebook should support augmented reality. This typically includes smartphones with compatible operating systems.

Operating System: The device should have a compatible operating system, such as iOS or Android, with a minimum version requirement specified by Instagram or Facebook.

App Version: Ensure that the Instagram or Facebook app is updated to the latest version available, as AR features will require the latest app versions to function properly, Make sure Instagram app is updated to (version 283.0 -15 May 2023) and Facebook app updated to (version 415.1-18 May 2023)

Camera: The device should have a camera that is fully functional and accessible by the Instagram or Facebook app for capturing and processing the AR effects.

Internet Connection: An active and stable internet connection is required to download and access AR effects on Instagram or Facebook.

Storage Space: Sufficient storage space should be available on the device to accommodate the installation and caching of AR effects.